“If it’s true that 94 percent of smokers would like to quit, Lemic has a winner on his hands for many years to come. And I have a something to send the smokers I know that is more useful than a sympathy card.”
Carolyn Reuben,   L A  WEEKLY (see complete review below)

“That’s a dandy book. Sell a million.”
Herb Caen,   San Francisco Chronicle

“Your class was really thoughtful and thorough and you really had an understanding for those residents of Delancey Street Foundation who were trying to stop smoking. We really appreciate your time and materials and can’t thank you enough for your help and follow up.”
Stephanie Muller,  Delancey Street Foundation,  San Francisco, CA

Please will you send me one copy of Quitting In Time. We have a copy at our local Smokers Anonymous, and it is very good! What kind of prices do you offer for quantities?  I hope it will not be 4 -6 weeks before the book arrives.”
Gloria B.,  Palo Alto, CA

“Recently the Foothill College Health Services had a Great American Smoke Out campaign on campus. One of the resources that we gave to our students, faculty and staff was a book by Jesse Lemic, Quitting In Time. This book was easy to read and we received positive feedback from those people using it.
Naomi Kitajima,  Health Services Coordinator

“Just completed reading your book, Quitting In Time and was very impressed with your work. It’s quite a contribution to people who are ready to be non-smokers and to those of us who work in partnership with them in quitting…it’s the best I’ve seen thus far”
Trudy S., M.Ed,  Capitola, CA

I used your book 15 years ago to become a non-smoker. At the time I was new to the program of AA, and knew when reading your book that I could also break the cigarette habit.
I have always been interested in meeting the author over a cup of coffee. I live in the bay area and could easily travel to Santa Cruz. Would you please send me information on scheduling a personal consultation.

Dale S,  San Jose, CA

“I just read Quitting In Time by Jesse Lemic and believe it is an invaluable tool for smokers who want to quit. As a consequence I am interested in making a rather large volume purchase of your book. Please contact me as soon as possible so that we can discuss this purchase.”
David A,  Mebane, N. Carolina

“Congratulations on an outstanding book! Feel free to quote this endorsement: Jesse Lemic has isolated the key element missing in most self-help books – a guide for taking action. After inspiring his readers to take action, he guides them with daily activity sheets which are so full of appeal, that people are eager to take the action necessary to achieve his or her goal of quitting.”
Dr. Richard S. Green,  Los Gatos, CA

“Could I please get this book quickly as I have a lung disorder and need your enthusiasm and inspiration – I am dying for it”
Margaret H,  Pontiac, MI

Please send me three copies of Quitting In Time. It’s a GREAT BOOK! I’m giving it to friends.”
Lucy G,  Culver City, CA

“It made me wish I was a smoker so I could use your book to quit.”
Anne A,  Los Gatos, CA

From: Cecilia Krebs
To: ‘JLemic’
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 8:40 AM
Subject: RE: smoking cessation class
Hi Jesse,
It was great meeting with you yesterday.  Right now the education slots we would like to fill are 1:30 on Tuesdays or Fridays.  If one of these times works for you, we would be looking at starting on March 5 or 8.  The understanding is that you would teach a 4 week class, repeating class.  The first four week period would be on an introductory basis and free of charge.  Janus would pay for books to be provided to the clients.  Thereafter, if the class continues, Janus would pay a nominal fee which is yet to be determined, on a monthly basis, as well as purchasing the books.
Janus would also like to have a monthly class at the Perinatal program and the MAT Clinic.
Let me know what you think.  I look forward to working with you!
Cecilia Krebs, CARN
Deputy Director – Programs
MAT Program Director
Janus of Santa Cruz


by Carolyn Reuben  (part 2 of 2)

Slimmer still is a self published effort by Jesse Lemic titled Quitting In Time: How To Stop Smoking On Your Own. Lemic leaves the politics, the health effects and exhortations to others and gets down to business right away. He reminds smokers that smoking is a learned behavior, and that it took a lot of effort to get from that first choke-producing cigarette to the automatic, unconscious behavior of the addict. And any learned behavior can be eliminated with the appropriate training.

Using proven methods of motivational and behavioral psychology, the author leads the reader through four basic techniques: symbols, affirmations, visualizations and repetition. The visuals are little circles within an outline of the lungs, which the reader fills in each time he or she lights up, in addition to recording the time of day and elapsed time since the previous cigarette. “After several days (depending on the individual) the desire to smoke will be overpowered by the desire to keep your lungs smoke-free,” Lemic states. The affirmations trigger the brain to record, believe and act upon the messages that are communicated as if they were true. Useful affirmations are always stated in a positive voice. (“Quitting smoking is easier than I thought”). Lemic repeats a law of human nature known to hypnotists, psychologists and behavior modification experts: “Once the subconscious has been programmed, it will do everything in its power to make your affirmation manifest as reality.” Visualizations also use the mind’s curious ability to act as if what the imagination created were real. The more graphic the visualization, the more effective it will be. Lemic suggests everything from the sublime (“Visualize yourself at a class reunion looking and feeling 10 years younger since quitting smoking”) to the ridiculous (“visualize yourself at the Rose Parade leading the ex-smokers marching band and drill team”). He promises, “If you choose to practice visualization exercises, withdrawal symptoms will be replaced by confidence, self-assurance, and expectations of success!”

Quitting In Time is only 38 pages long and costs less than a carton of cigarettes. If it’s true that 94 percent of smokers would like to quit, Lemic has a winner on his hands for many years to come. And I have a something to send the smokers I know that is more useful than a sympathy card.

Limited Time Offer