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The Quitting In Time System



If you are ready to quit smoking for good, the place to start is here, and the time to start is now.
If you are ready to create a healthy new lifestyle free from the curse of tobacco addiction Quitting In Time is the program that will show you how – no patches, no gum, no drugs and no hypnosis. It”s not magic, it just seems like magic.

The Quitting In Time system is composed of two parts:

Part I is the audio portion called Dichotic Listening which is described below.

Part II is the book Quitting In Time.

These two parts work together in a system that will show you how to quit smoking once and for all without having to use other expensive and most often ineffective smoking cessation products.

Complicated instructions tend to obscure their intended message, so these instructions are direct, straight-forward, easy to understand and easy to use. The ideas described in this program are simple but powerful. They are designed to influence the subconscious mind and are very specific.

Note: The material presented in this program is based on the author’s personal experience and research and is intended for information and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for consulting a medical professional. In matters regarding your health, supervision by a qualified medical professional is always appropriate. You are invited to share this information with your personal healthcare provider before using.


Part I Dichotic Listening


(please use headphones )


Easy Step By Step System
one step at a time to freedom
Almost all smokers have tried many times to quit. An inner voice is warning that by continuing to use tobacco products you are inviting a host of smoking related diseases to invade your body. Every time you light up a part of you cries out, “quit now, before it is too late.”Many smokers are disappointed and frustrated after trying to quit by using the most common smoking cessation products. Gum, patches, drugs and hypnosis are notoriously ineffective and can even be dangerous, or are themselves addictive. The success rate for most smoking cessation products is only about ten percent.These products are also expensive! The companies that make money selling deadly and addictive tobacco products are the same companies that sell the ineffective antidotes to their deadly poison. Big Tobacco and Big Pharma are two sides of the same coin. Their only interest is the bottom line – profits.

In order to quit smoking permanently you must change the unconscious patterns that control your smoking behavior. Quitting In Time is a step by step system that gives you the power to change, the power to overcome the unconscious programming that has kept you chained to the cigarette habit.


Left Brain + Right Brain = Success
Hemispheric Specialization
University studies in split-brain research have shown that an audio message heard with the left ear enters the right side of the brain, and a message heard with the right ear enters the left side of the brain. Dichotic Listening is a process in which two different audio messages are presented, one for each ear. Using headphones these two messages are played simultaneously.Since the conscious mind cannot focus on two different messages at the same time, it has to suspend its ability to filter incoming information. The messages are then able to bypass conscious resistance and enter directly into the unconscious. This process is not hypnosis and not subliminal.


The Key To Success
Positive Messages
The messages that are used are in the form of positive affirmations taken from the book Quitting In Time. Some examples are: “Quitting smoking is easier than I thought”; “I am stronger every time I say no to cigarettes”; “it’s never too late to quit smoking”; “I can live without cigarettes.” The conscious mind tends to be critical of these messages and inhibits them from being accepted and acted upon by the unconscious. With Dichotic Listening this conscious resistance is bypassed and the resources of the  unconscious are available for change. That’s what behavior modification is all about.


Win Win Win
Imagine a football team with only one defender that is playing a team with two receivers. The defender is the conscious mind. The receivers are the positive Dichotic Listening messages. The end zone is the unconscious mind. The defender cannot cover two receivers at the same time. He is confused. He doesn’t know what to do. The receiver scores. Touchdown!


It Ain’t Rocket Science
Technically Speaking
In technical terms this technique is described as “overloading cognitive processes to depotentiate conscious mindsets and facilitate new learning.” The conscious mind cannot decipher the message, but the unconscious mind can! In other words, the messages go into the unconscious mind instead of going “in one ear and out the other.”  This is precisely why other “self-improvement” audio programs are not effective, they go “in one ear and out the other” and are soon forgotten. The Quitting In Time audio program is unique because it is the only smoking cessation program that uses Dichotic Listening.



The audio portion is meant to be used with the book Quitting In Time.
Reading the book before using the audio portion is recommended.
This audio was designed for use with stereo headphones or earbuds.
Play at normal volume. Increasing volume does not increase effectiveness.
Listen for long or short periods throughout the day, or as a substitute for smoking.
Repetition increases effectiveness.  


Part II Mental Maps


Where you are
Part II of the Quitting In Time system is the road map that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. Unlike other books that focus on the problem Quitting In Time shows you the solution. It shows you the how, not the why. You do not have to wade through two hundred pages of charts and statistics, or look at gruesome pictures to tell you what you already know, that smoking is dangerous and hurtful, that you are sick and tired of it and you want to quit now.


Four Tools
Quitting In Time has only thirty-eight pages of text along with a section for recording your daily progress. It explains the four essential tools or techniques for changing unconscious patterns: 1) symbols; 2) affirmations; 3) visualization and 4) repetition. By using these four “tools” you gain access to the powerful resources of the unconscious mind.


Whole Brain
The use of symbols and visualization engages the right brain abilities, while affirmations and repetition utilize left brain abilities. Using these four fundamental modalities together creates a whole brain experience that includes both conscious and unconscious processes.


Say Good-by
The most important and accurate predictor of success or failure in a smoking cessation program is the individual’s own expectation of success. If you expect to succeed you will; if you expect to fail you will. Quitting In Time teaches you how to expect success!

With Quitting In Time you can say good-by to the nicotine blues. Say good-by to smoker’s cough, smoker’s breath, and smoking related diseases. You can say hello to a healthy new lifestyle free at last from the curse of tobacco addiction.


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